3 Ways Shopify Supports Multichannel

3 Ways Shopify Supports Multichannel Selling On Your Online Business

For decades, selling online was a profitable idea. Entrepreneurs selling products online used to report high profits. Owning an online business was a prestigious thing. With time, the competition started to increase. Each day a physical store converted to a virtual one. However, the number of online shoppers did not follow suit. The rise of a new online store provided your customers with freedom of choice. Also, it declined your profitability. As such, any entrepreneur willing to continue recording high profits, coming up with strategies to drive sales is not avoidable.

Multichannel selling is a new strategy that can help you to retain your profits. This approach seeks to take your products to where customers spend their time. However, your e-commerce platform must support this objective. When choosing a reliable e-commerce solution, Shopify is the best option. Shopify supports your multichannel selling in several ways. Here are the top 3:

Provides powerful apps to sell across multiple channels

As you may know, selling through your online storefront alone will not maximize your profitability. The fierce online competition needs you to drive sales through other channels. If your e-commerce platform does not support this, you will experience some frustration.

Luckily, Shopify is here to support your goal. This platform offers powerful apps to help you sell on various channels. It has features to integrate your online store with online marketplaces, social media, and sell through mobile apps. As such, you have an opportunity to display your products across your online channels of choice.

Supports multiple payment gateways

Different selling channels support different payment gateways. Also, customers have a varying preference on the payment gateways. For instance, a customer shopping on your online store may prefer to use Shopify pay. Another one buying through eBay may favor PayPal payments.

With this as the nature of the online market, you need a platform that can support these options. Shopify supports multiple payment gateways to offer your customers a choice. With it, your customers can use credit cards, PayPal, or platform-based gateways such as Shopify Pay. Also, it allows your customers to use mobile payment options such as Google Pay and Apple Pay.  

Offers a universal POS to enhance your multichannel sales management

Effective inventory management is critical in any business success. When running an online business and using multichannel selling as your strategy, this aspect can be a challenge. With Shopify, this becomes a simple thing. The platform provides a universal POS to enable you to centralize inventory and sales management. This way, you easily realize your online business objectives without much struggles.